TR-01 Rotary Engine Compression Tester

All Digital. Fits in your hand. Completely portable. Only $350*. How cool is that?
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The TR-01 is a digital rotary engine compression tester designed for portability and ease of use. Using the tester is very simple: screw in the sensor module, connect the tester, and turn your engine over. A powerful microcontroller measures output voltage from the 200psi pressure transducer and calculates the three separate peak compression pulses of the rotor. It then displays these pulses along with the RPM on its backlit LCD for easy reading. From big-name rotary engine builders, to dealerships or even if you just like to tinker with your car on the weekends this tester is great for anyone. Looking at a car you're thinking about buying? Just take this tester along and check the compression right there!

Click the image below to see a video of the TR-01 v2.0 and TR-P Printer in action!
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